Alex Skripov | Professional Database Administrator and Backend Software Developer

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My Software Development stack:

PHP I am a certified PHP developer and able to provide any levels of complexity of your tasks. In nowadays PHP is one of the most popular backend development tools. PHP has an active community in every country.
My top 4 frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter
NodeJS NodeJS is one the most favourite programming languages because of it is using javascrip. So, it makes NodeJS easier to communicate between frontend and backend developers. I am using NodeJS quite often in the projects.
My top 3 frameworks: Express.js, Sails.js, Meteor.js
Python For me, Python is the wonder stick, helps me with my routine tasks. So I appreciated that Python became top 1 programming language in science software development. Huge thank you, Mr. van Rossum
Golang I am using Golang for a web development for building fast API servers. I started to use it since 2011 in scientific applications
Java Java...