Alex Skripov | Professional Database Administrator and Backend Software Developer

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My Databases Administration&Development stack:

MySQL MariaDB Percona MySQL and MySQL forks are using by top 5 internet leading companies according to the Alexa rank. As Oracle Certified Professional MySQL Administrator I can make MySQL server to the core of your business processes. The spectrum of my skills for MySQL:
  1. Advanced configuration for your hardware (it may save your money)
  2. Designing and applying backup policies. Hot backups without downtime (it may save you even more money :) )
  3. Achieving High Performance (Fast queries = Happy users)
  4. Achieving High Availability even between different types of forks such as MariaDB and MySQL (Smooth scaling = more users)
  5. Creating any types of reports for your business processes (You need a statement how moon phases impact to your user's behaviour - NP)
  6. Regular database administration tasks (Do you want to go on holiday and turn off your phone?)
Just think about: MySQL Version 5.7 contains more than 500 configurable parameters.
ProxySQL ProxySQL, for now, is one of the best tools for achieving high performance in the projects where it not possible at the time such as Wordpress Woocommerce or Magento applications. With ProxySQL possible to proxy all requests to configured clusters Master-Slave or Group Replication. ProxySQL is actively developing.
Redis If you are going to use queues, in-memory calculations, advance caching - Redis is the right choice. Also, it supports High Availability solutions for building clusters, master-slave replication which is fantastic and giving many advantages for your product.